Limited Partnerships

Limited partnership is the most common and easy way for companies to partner with us.

This allows companies to receive direct synthesized referrals from us that are ready to be closed.

Becoming a limited partner gives you the opportunity to receive direct synthesized referrals from us. 

You do not have to worry about finding clients and instead you can concentrate on providing the best service and products.

When we receive inquiries from people on our website regarding a certain service or product, we gather all the necessary information from them and then pass it down to you and all our other limited partners in the same industry.

After that, you can make an offer which will be based on the information that the potential client on our website provided to us and we will evaluate your offer with the rest of the offers that we receive from other partners.

Once those steps are done, we will refer the potential client that contacted us to one of the partners that we believe offered the best pricing and quality of service or products in that particular scenario.

Once an inquiry is submitted through us, we work with the potential client to better understand their needs, budgets, requirements, and preferences. 

Yes, you can definitely say that we do half of your work for you.

We do not stop there and actually keep working with you to make sure that the client’s needs will be met and that they will receive the best possible service. 

After we receive your final offer and evaluate it, we recommend and refer the client to the partner that we feel offered the best service or product for the client’s specific needs at the best possible price in their budget. 

This promotes healthy competition among companies and gives all of them a fair opportunity to participate in the market. 

Advanced Partnerships

Advanced partnerships are much more complex and they include our involvement in the operations and/or the management of the business.

Becoming an advanced partner will give you all the privileges that our limited partners have in addition to our direct involvement in the operations and/or finances of your firm to fix any existing issues and improve the overall condition and standing of the business.

With this type of partnership, we can help you improve your cash flow, improve the quality of the services and products offered, improve turnaround times, improve the marketing strategy and much more.

Advanced partnerships include our direct involvement in process improvement projects of your business to make you more competitive and resolve any current issues that exist in your business.

We will analyze your business processes to determine what kind of improvements will be needed to help you reach your business goals. Furthermore, we will be working with you to make sure those improvements are implemented.

Since we offer a wide variety of services and products through our limited partnerships, we have a very good understanding of what exactly the potential clients are looking for.

This knowledge helps us effectively target the necessary processes in your specific company that need improvement in order for you to be able to reach your business goals. 

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